The First Hole

Par 4
Gentle dog leg left par 4 with fairway bunkers guarding the right side. Aim at last bunker and hit a draw. Approach to green is downhill, hit a half club less.


Snapping 402
Leatherback 376
Hawksbill 340
Gopher 370
Sea Turtle 246


The Second Hole

Par 3

Medium length par 3 with bunker and steep slope left of green. Aim at right side of green and hit a draw.


Snapping 175
Leatherback 166
Hawksbill 146
Gopher 126
Sea Turtle 104

The Third Hole

Par 5

Beautiful par 5 with fairway bunkers guarding right side of fairway. Aim tee shot down left center and hit a fade. Second shot needs to be played at mounds on right side of fairway with a slight draw. Leave yourself with a full third shot into the green.

Snapping 559
Leatherback 530
Hawksbill 498
Gopher 466
Sea Turtle 430

The Fourth Hole

Par 4

Bunker in fairway can be carried if you are playing from the correct tee box. A draw for your second shot is needed for best approach.


Snapping 367
Leatherback 341
Hawksbill 311
Gopherus 284
Sea Turtle 259

The Fifth Hole

Par 4

Big dog leg left with tee shot landing into a hill. Aim tee shot at right center of fairway and hit a draw. Second shot is downhill played to a wide green. Hit a half club less.


Snapping 404
Leatherback 383
Hawksbill 352
Gopher 324
Sea Turtle 302


The Sixth Hole


"Momma said there would be holes like this."

Toughest par 4 on the course. It's imperative you're playing the correct tee box for your skill level. Forced carry over marsh to a wide fairway. Green guarded front, left and back by marsh. Aim at right side of green and hit a draw.

Snapping 401
Leatherback 379
Hawksbill 305
Gopher 271
Sea Turtle 239

The Seventh Hole

Par 5

Big par 5 with generous landing area off the tee. A lot of room to lay up.  Best approach into the green is from the front the right side of the fairway.


Snapping 525
Leatherback 500
Hawksbill 469
Gopher 447
Sea Turtle 410

The Eighth Hole

Par 3

Beautiful par 3 that is a forced carry over wetlands and bunkers from back tees. Playing tee boxes left of wetlands makes this hole much more playable. Better to be short than long because of wetlands over the green.

Many of our guests have had the amazing experience of hitting a hole in one on #8!


Snapping 220
Leatherback 215
Hawksbill 178
Gopher 147
Sea Turtle 111

The Ninth Hole

Par 4

Downhill par 4 with fairway bunkers guarding both sides of fairway. More room down left side of fairway and you will have a better angle into the green. Green is elevated so be sure to hit one more club.

Snapping 412
Leatherback 370
Hawksbill 338
Gopherus 289
Sea Turtle 266

The Tenth Hole


Short dog leg right par 4. Aim at big mound on left and play a fade. Bunker in front of green makes shot look shorter. Trust your yardage and your swing.


Snapping 375
Leatherback 354
Hawksbill 334
Gopher 320
Sea Turtle 251

The Eleventh Hole

Par 3

Beautiful par 3 with wetlands and lake left of green. Big mounds around green give you a great target. The fun really starts when you get on the putting surface.

Snapping 240
Leatherback 208
Hawksbill 180
Gopher 137
Sea Turtle 114

The Twelfth Hole

Par 4

Tight par 4 guarded by fairway bunker and out of bounds down right side of fairway. Second shot is to a slightly uphill green with a severe slope on left side. Aim at right side of green and hit a draw.

Snapping 416
Leatherback 390
Hawksbill 362
Gopherus 333
Sea Turtle 305

The Thirteenth Hole

Par 5

Gorgeous par 5. Tee shot allows for either a fade or draw. Tee shot will land into the hill. Careful of lake to left of cart path and bunkers. Lay up second shot short of bunker on the right. Best approach into the green is from the right center of fairway.

Snapping 531
Leatherback 500
Hawksbill 475
Gopherus 414
Sea Turtle 386

The Fourteenth Hole

Par 4

Long par 4 with water running down the left side of the fairway all the way to the front of the green. Aim at right center of green and make sure to hit plenty of club. The fun really starts once you get on the green.

Snapping 421
Leatherback 398
Hawksbill 366
Gopherus 333
Sea Turtle 307

The Fifteenth Hole

Par 4

Pretty par 4 which allows for either a fade or draw from the tee. Your best approach position to the green is left center of the fairway. Play a fade into the green and make sure you carry shot to the center of the green. Trust me!

Snapping 401
Leatherback 377
Hawksbill 333
Gopherus 294
Sea Turtle 258
The Sixteenth Hole

Par 5

Sweeping dog leg left par 5. Aim down the right center of the fairway and hit a draw. For your best approach shot into the green you should lay your second shot up down the left side of the fairway. Don't let the view distract you. Keep third shot short into the green underneath the hole.

Snapping 521
Leatherback 484
Hawksbill 448
Gopherus 406
Sea Turtle 381

The Seventeenth Hole

Par 3

Signature par 3. With elevated tees hitting to a downhill green you can easily be distracted by this hole. You must carry the marsh. Pro tip: Hit the green!

Snapping 201
Leatherback 175
Hawksbill 161
Gopher 149
Sea Turtle 135
The Eighteenth Hole

Par 4

Big par 4. Sweeping dog leg right that requires a long drive off the tee. Aim tee shot at left bunker with a slight cut. For best results hit a draw into the green which has a deep bunker guarding the left side.

Snapping 441
Leatherback 410
Hawksbill 379
Gopherus 346
Sea Turtle 323

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